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Have the financial resources you need to do charitable work for your own community with the help of Ohio Valley United Charities! Our nonprofit organization collects funds from our various partners and benefactors, all of which we distribute to local nonprofits. To ensure that all donations are used properly, we vet potential recipients first before giving them grants. Join us in pursuing great initiatives by becoming a volunteer today!

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Our Story

Ohio Valley United Charities has been raising money for charities in Carroll, Gallatin, Henry, Owen and Trimble Counties in Kentucky for more than 24 years. Founded in 1998 as United Way, our 501c3 organization changed to its current name in 2005. Since then, we have also shifted our focus from national to local. Our charity’s cofounder Ruth H. Baxter explains:

“We had issues with both the direction and funding requirements of the national and state United Ways...Rather than separate our counties into other United Ways in Southern Indiana, Northern Kentucky, and Louisville—because we were too small for their requirements, we decided to stay local and use our efforts for the charities that operate in these five counties.”

Meet Our Executives


Haley Turner | [email protected]

Vice Presidents

Malcolm Carraco | [email protected]
Beverly Marcum | [email protected]


Michelle Griffith | [email protected], [email protected]


Shirley Warnick | [email protected]

Board of Directors

  • Ruth Baxter

  • William J. Welty

  • Janetta Briscoe

  • Jeff Chowning

  • Laura Hickey

  • Conte Flowers

  • Sherra Dunlap


Our Election Process

A 12-member board of directors is elected annually to review and approve funding requests as well as audit grant applications. They also vote for our line of officers, which is composed of a president, secretary, treasurer, and two vice presidents.

Our Vice Presidents’ Responsibilities

We have one vice president for Agency Funding, which oversees the grant selection process. Meanwhile, the other one is in charge of Fundraising, which coordinates the campaign to raise the funds needed to pay for the awarded financial assistance.


Submit the following information by Friday, May 27, 2022:

  • Organization name, executive in charge, mailing address, telephone number, and email address
  • A copy of Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) designation letter (for private non-public organizations), Board members list and your request summary
  • Detailed project proposal



Our review and evaluation process of your project proposal takes about eight weeks. Applicants will be notified about the results by September 30, and you will receive funding by December 30.

Submission Process


The recipient must expend all funds by December 30 and provide a progress report by January 31.

Reporting Requirements


To ensure that our grants are used properly, the charities we fund must meet the following requirements:

  • Provide services or programs to Carroll, Gallatin, Henry, Owen and/or Trimble Counties, Kentucky

  • Have an approved IRS 501c3 determination letter in the charity’s name

  • Utilize an EIN number in the name of the approved 501c3 status

  • File a report by December 31st of each year detailing your use of the funds, the level of success for the program, the number of persons who benefitted from the project, and a proof showing whether the project or program’s success would have been possible without funding

  • Include Ohio Valley United Charities in the recipient’s publications and promotional materials to acknowledge that the success of the project or program was made possible through our funding

  • Furnish two (2) volunteers from the charity if requested to help with Ohio Valley United Charities’ fundraising efforts

  • Complete the project as proposed


Our Fundraising Efforts

We collaborate funds from various industries, businesses, and individuals in the area each fall. Even in 2020 when COVID restrictions were in place, we were still able to raise a good amount of funds from our partner corporations, with more than $100,000 pledged. Every March, the companies that have raised the most funds are recognized at Ohio Valley United Charities’ “Breakfast of Champions.” Our 2019 award recipients include:

  • DOW Chemical Carrollton Plant (Gold Award)

  • KU-LGE Ghent and Bedford Power Plants (Silver Award)

  • Nucor Steel Carrollton Plant (Bronze Award)

Our Golf Tournament Fundraiser

We kick off our fundraising efforts by hosting a golf tournament where we can collect the amount necessary for our organization’s annual expenses. We also use proceeds from this event to pursue our special projects, such as the area “Back Pack” initiative. In 2019, the tournament raised approximately $12,000.

Fund Allocation

All donations made to OVUC flow directly back to the five communities we serve. In 2020, we gave more than $165,000 to 34 separate organizations. Amounting to approximately $3,000, our own expenses for publications, postage, and advertising are paid through our golf tournaments’ proceeds.

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